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's some very nice changes coming up in the five-day forecast. >>> meantime the death toll in indiana from friday's tornadoes has risen by one. the toddler found alone in a field after the storm rolled through died wednesday evening. the child's apparentlies and siblings died friday when the -- parents and siblings died when the storm hit. that brings indiana's death toll to 13. kentucky lost the most lives friday, went 1 people. tonight the focus is -- 21 people. tonight the focus is on making sure no other victims are in the rubble. crews are working to make sure communication lines will reopen. >> reporter: from indiana and kentucky through ohio and alabama and georgia homes and businesses were crushed, cars and buses tossed about and roads were left clogged by downed trees and power lines. st. francis xavier church in henryville, indiana, suffered severe damage but still hosted mass for a full house sunday. >> we came over the hill and saw the steeple was still here, so we knew was still here and that to us was a symbol and also a sign of god as people of faith that god is going to ca
on the recovery. >> communities like henryville, indiana, are slowly recovering after tornadoes devastated the region less than a month ago. along with homes, memories are also lost. >> nice family photo. >> victoria george isn't a roofer or a carpenter, but she is rebuilding lives through her facebook page called, i found your memory. >> i lost some images before in a fire and i knew what that was like. these are things you can't get back. >> through the page, items found as far away as west virginia are coming home to southern indiana. one of the most consistent posters to georgia's page, the boone county jail, work detail cleaning the side of the road keeps a sharp eye out. >> it may look like garbage, but if it's a picture, old checks, you know, anything that is a possibility that could be from that tornado, they're going to hold on to it. >> when lori was reunited with her high school diploma, she received much more than a document. muddy decree was a symbol of the kindness of strangers. >> she framed it. margie meyer framed it for me and nailed it on back. you know, that makes
having to start over. >> the storms killed 38 people in five states, including alabama, georgia, indiana, kentucky, and ohio. where the governor has declared a state of emergency. rescue teams spent the day going door to door across the midwest looking for survivors. towns have been wiped off the map. fox 5 shows us the damage in hard hit mariesville, indiana. >> there's a new reality here in mariesville, maryland. it's an unnerving scene, concrete slabs where homes used to be. some just shelves. stunned homeowners are digging through what remains. >> you can't believe it until you see it with your eyes. it's heartbreaking. >> this amateur video was shot friday in indiana. those who saw it say the giant funnel cloud moved eastward, seemed to grow in size by the minute. >> i couldn't take my eyes off of it. i couldn't take cover. it was scary. >> storms cut a path of destruction, killing more than a dozen people. back in mariesville, the sound of chain saws are echoing across the town of 2,000 people. officers with the state parole are doing welfare checks. even with the destruction,
more communities tonight. this is home video of a funnel cloud moving through pekin, indiana this evening. fox 5's laura evans in the newsroom watching the latest pictures come into the satellite center. . >> those tornado warnings are moving eastward tonight. there is late word severe weather has killed five people in kentucky, one person in ohio and at least 10 people are now dead from earlier storms today in southern indiana. that death toll is expected to rise. in fact, just as people were starting to clean up today from the last round of storms, mother nature hit again. >> i'm moving everybody inside in the mall. >> bring everybody inside. >> reporter: as tornado sirens blair in harrisburg, illinois, victims -- behavior in harrisburg, illinois, victims -- blare in harrisburg, illinois, people are running for cover. no one is taking any chances. >> my ticker is accelerating just slightly. >> the vault in the bank is secure in an interior wall. it's got a little extra reinforcement. so we're going to put them in there with the sirens going off. >> reporter: everyone is b
in the u.s., tornado cleanup continues after twisters tore through five states. in indiana, members of the colts join residents to clean up in henryville and they gave people in the battered area optimism for the future of their community. >>> and giving them this hope and there is some hope still. you have folks going to help you through this. >> the people continue to pick up the pieces and they'll get help from the government. yesterday, president obama proved federal aid for counties affectioned by the tornados in kentucky and indiana. >>> and from maryland's eastern shore, they're investigating a small body found. it's identified as conrad snuff jr. of leesburg. he was 85 years old. the marine employees found him this morning and doesn't look like there was some foul play. >>> d.c. police closed another night club. this time, the island cafe and that is in the 800 block of upshire street northwest. the man was stabbed in the stomach and is expected to survive. the club will be shut down for a few days while there is an investigation on the alcoholic beverage control board. >>>
its 39th life. 15-month-old angel babcock was found alive in an indiana friday. the twisters killed her parents and two siblings, but by sunday she lost all brain function and her grandmother agreed to remove all life support. >> reporter: mother nature not giving the folks in henryville, indiana, a break. a blanket of wet snow covering the rubble left behind after a tornado slammed into the tiny town. the twister packing 170 mile- per-hour winds flattening homes and businesses, the clean-up in pinier, kentucky, is underway, folks sifting through piles of debris they used to call home, neighbors coming together to help each other. >> it makes me want to cry. at the same time it makes me happy knowing that there's this many people reaching out to those in need. >> reporter: the national weather service confirming an ef2 tornado touched down in this tennessee town. at 300 yards wide and spanning 7 miles, the massive twister covered plenty of terrain. >> very unfortunate that it came through the middle of the town, but very fortunate that it didn't intensify until it got past the dow
this mother lost both her legs from the tornado that devastated kentucky and indiana. tamara evans shares this inspirational story. >> reporter: there's a lot of work to be done to this house. before stephanie decker finally returns home. >> help out joel and stephanie and little reece and dee so they can have a home since theirs was destroyed. >> reporter: this is one of two homes belonging to the deckers. stephanie was protecting her kids from the tornado in their basement, and was crushed by debris. doctors had to amputate her legs. >> good thing to come out and help. wasn't even a question. we were all on top, ready to come out here and help this morning. >> reporter: so volunteers and players from joe decker's high school baseball team are pitching in to help. they helped move the family renting the decker's home out, and spent the weekend getting it ready for stephanie to move back in, from taking out carpet, to installing floors. the goal was to make things easier when she gets out of rehab. >> they've added an addition to the back of the house, i think it's a master bedroom, that
't get put out very often. that includes indiana again, illinois down through ohio, kentucky, tennessee and maybe into the deep south has a very strong likelihood of seeing more tornadoes tomorrow night and unfortunately the ingredients are coming together for it to potentially be a worse outbreak. >> again we're talking in the overnight hours. >> it looks like it will begin tomorrow afternoon, but it could absolutely continue into the overnight hours. so for people living in these regions and even for ourselves it's time to think about what do you do in the overnight hours, maybe a noaa weather radio, an app for the smartphone? when you're in the yellow areas, you need to be very vigilant and if you hear that wind coming up, know what your plan is. >>> so what do you think most police officers would do if they caught a driver doing 100 on the beltway? a retired officer answers that question coming up next. >>> also ahead the teen who admits to shooting and killing three students in ohio faces a judge. find out the prosecutors' plan next. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet, cleani
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8